We guarantee to beat any hotel rate you can find online, or you pay nothing.

No cost to try. Payment only after we have found you a cheaper rate.

Option 1: If you have an existing flexible booking, forward the confirmation email to ask@savtravvhotels.com. That's it, we'll do the rest.

Option 2: Found a great rate? Click below to tell us about it. We guarantee we can beat it.



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What we do

We guarantee to beat any hotel rate you can find.


1. We can beat all hotel rates

  • You tell us the rate you want us to beat
  • You pay nothing up front
  • No fee if you do not save
  • Most savings are between 5-10%

2. Global hotel searches

  • Local or international
  • Any currency
  • Different hotel brands and booking sites
  • Better rooms at lower rates

3. Genuine expert advice

  • We travel and book hotels often
  • We know all the great deals
  • You will always speak to a person
  • We do manual searches, no automation


How it works

Three simple steps.


1. Tell us where you want to stay

Already booked? Forward your existing flexible hotel booking confirmation to ask@savtravvhotels.com. Still waiting? Tell us the best rate that you've found so far.

2. We find the best price

While you get a coffee, we get searching. Our team will work to find the best rate for your chosen room and hotel. We promise to respond within 8 hours, often less.

3. You stay for less

We will tell you the rate we have found. If you are happy, you pay us, and then we give you step-by-step instructions on how to book.


How much?


Remember - if we cannot beat your hotel rate, you pay us nothing.


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